How to find genuine accessories for iPhone / Samsung online news

How to find genuine accessories for iPhone / Samsung online


It is very important to use genuine accessories with your phone

, not only for your phone but also for your safety. Now days there are lot of sellers who are buying products from Alibaba or other unreliable sources and start selling in the UK without giving much attention to the product quality or testing of the products.

Most of the time products are not even CE/ROHS approved and many are selling it as genuine apple or samsung accessories. We have found various seller on eBay / Amazon selling fake or copy products which is very cheap and they still get away with it because most of the time people are not aware about it or they choose lower price over safety.

However in this very competitive market it is becoming very much difficult to find genuine products , However i tried to bring to your attention following rule while you make your purchase.

Make sure

  • Check for sellers review
  • When you received the item , compare it with the original item you had before. Most of the time fake items have poor build quality
  • Most iphone chargers are now comes with serial number inside the USB port so you can easily find it.
  • Check the over all quality of the item like its cable length , weight etc.
  • Prefer to buy from UK supplier who guarantee in his description that item is genuine . Remember not everyone will write word genuine or original in the description , just to avoid legal issues they only write in the item title but in the description they just mentioned item specs.

Every item is unique and it has its own branding so it is very important to check it in detail. Tradenrg believes in supplying genuine accessories and at a very reasonable price.

Buy from us

and rest assured that your product is

100% genuine Accessories.

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