Are you looking for a cool little lamp for your laptop, Mac book Wall?

Are you looking for a cool little lamp to attach to your laptop, Mac book, Wall Charger or USB port?

Flexible Mini USB LED Lamp which is sleek and stylish. Simply plug it into any USB port, for instant light. Slim design, ideal to use on your Laptop / Desktop Computer, on your Desk, Bed, Outdoors, for the DJ, plus many more uses! oft light lampshade, it avoids direct led light to protect your eyes. Soft and bendable silicone body, so you can direct the light anywhere you want. Works with any 5V USB port. Perfect for both Travelling or Evening Work, the LED light will illuminate your keyboard for use in low light conditions.

The stylish LED light is perfect for reading, using your computer, and could even be used as a torch when attached to a power bank! If your keyboard is not backlit or you just need a little more light this is a handy little product.

The stylish LED light is perfect for Night Lamp when attached to a Mobile Wall Charger!


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