Best Fitting Skin, Relaxed, Loose, Narrow Fit types of jeans for men

Best Fitting Skin, Tapered, Relaxed, Loose, Narrow Loose Jeans for Men

Best Jeans for Men

Jeans Are Globally acceptance in today’s world, people wear second-skin jeans are the most wearable piece of cloth these days. As per recent global region US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Rest of World jeans are made and wear as a casual daily wear.jeans for your body type body shape denim jeans find the perfect wider leg pair of jeans relaxed fit jeans skinny fit jeans high rise fits for men.


Jeans pant made from denim or dungaree Cloths, Threads of denim fabric are dyed in the indigo that is why denim is blue from one side. Jeans are traditionally coloured as blue. The name “Jeans” originated from the city of Italy.

From 19th century jeans made many popular fashion trends. Today jeans are made from many blends of cloths as per fashion industry demands.

Types of Jeans

Regular Fit: This is the mid-rise jeans which are introduced to our first known style of jeans which are we wearing in simple stylish with daily life.

Slim Fit: This is the mid-rise jeans not too tight not more loosely, comes with zipper fly

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Skinny Fit: This is the new version latest fashion trends in jeans Era, Skinny tight with hip to bottom hem comes with zipper fly. Nice with Tapered leg openings.


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Skinny Frayed: This latest skinny has little thin hem & messy. The frayed mess comes in many areas on jeans. Many cuts and slashes run at upper thigh to shin.

Ripped jeans Blue slim Skinny


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Skinny Ripped: This latest version comes with many fusions styles torn ripped also called distressed jeans. This jeans style very popular among the college students with the cool style of full torn.

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Tapered Fit: These jeans highly popular this days in all genre today, Narrowed at the bottom and tapered at knee or thighs or ankle area. 

Narrow Fit:  As per name narrow jeans are narrow and tight from knee to the bottom.

Relaxed Fit: Really good for wearing relaxed jeans pants. As wide bottom from thighs, it has room around west if you don’t want to sweat or want to far away with rashes.

Loose Fit: This is the Baggy style fit jeans, these pants have more room at the thighs and butt area to leave a rash and sweat. Comes with fewer pockets.

Low Rise:  People think these jeans as a coolest as per popularity among thin peoples. You can wear below the west.

Mid Rise: This jeans wear between crotch and waist not too high or low in the waist. People who have a bigger waist area prefer these midrise jeans.


Jeans washing Guide - Machine

As we have heard many times about the Jeans wash care, we are here help you can get guidelines below about machine wash guide.

  1. For the gentle washing set your machine on delicate or gentle mode.
  2. For the soft wash fill the cold water in the machine.
  3. Fold your jeans inside out to latter wash and dry.
  4. Do not put other clothes with jeans, keep similar clothing.
  5. Let dry inside out from direct sunlight or loss of colors.

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