Best Mobile Hard Back Case in UK 2022 Which smartphone case to Choose?

Best Mobile Hard Back Case in UK 2022, Hard case, flip cover, bumper: which smartphone case to choose?

The choice of smartphones cases is huge, so huge it can be hard to make a decision. So how can you find the right case for your phone? 

The choice of smartphones cases is huge, so huge it can be hard to make a decision. Each type has its merits, depending on how you use your phone and how much protection you’re looking for. 

“Hard cases, soft cases, bumpers and flip covers are just four examples of the different variants which differ from each other in terms of the material," says Hayo Luecke, a smartphone specialist from Germany. 

A hard case usually consists of solid plastic, whereas a bumper is generally a rubber-like material intended to cope with impacts or falls. 

iPhone 7 Plus Hard Back Case

Soft cases are often made of flexible materials such as silicone or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Luecke says. The advantage: The mobile feels noticeably better in the hand. 

But every soft case needs careful examination before buying: "If the material is too soft, the smartphone can fly out of the case during a fall," The cover should not be too thin and the corners, in particular, should be well padded. 

"As a rule, it’s always better to choose a case with a thick edge that protrudes from the display – this protects the screen in a frontal crash," You can also get a glass or foil protector for the display. 

Telecommunications expert Daniel Rottinger recommends see-through covers: “That way the user can react comfortably to calls and other messages without having to pull the device out of the case.”

iPhone 8 Plus Hard Back Case

A solid frame is also useful, he says: “This is ideal for cyclists in particular because if the device falls it could, in the best-case scenario, have no consequences.” 

Hard cases, soft cases and bumpers have a major drawback: “They don’t protect the sometimes most sensitive component of a smartphone, the display," Luecke says. He favors so-called flip cases: "The mobile is not only placed in a hard shell, but the front is also protected by a hinged cover." 

Luecke advises against bumpers because they don’t protect the front or the back from damage. “Every smartphone user will get annoyed if the phone falls to the ground and even though the display doesn’t splinter, there are nasty scratches visible,” he says. 

Metal cases are also not recommended because they can affect reception and transmission, as well as the endurance of the battery. 

All iPhone Compatible Hard Back Case

You can also get smartphones cases with an integrated battery – “these are especially useful if you use apps that make strong demands on the battery or require long-term GPS connections," Luecke says, pointing to the popular augmented reality app Pokemon Go

And then there are cases for extreme burdens and demands. "Outdoor protective covers are not only particularly shock-resistant but also protect mobile phones from water and dust," says Luecke. 

However, the downside of these chunky cases is that using the phone can be cumbersome, as pressing the buttons or plugging in the charging cable becomes more difficult. The same message goes here as for all other cases: test it in the shop before buying. 

iPhone 11 Pro Hard Back Case

iPhone Slim Case
Why cover your beautiful iPhone 11 Pro in a bulky Case? An Ultra-Thin and Slim iPhone 11 Case which ensures that your case wraps around your iPhone while showing off its beautiful aesthetic looks. Easily slot into your pockets without any troubles and pop back out easily too!

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iPhone XS Hard Back Case

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iPhone X Hard Back Case

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This iPhone X Hard Back Case comes with a no hassle warranty meaning any issues, and we'll simply replace or refund without any hassle!

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Not only are these iPhone X Hard Back Cases covered under a 1 Year Warranty, but also backed by the eBay Money Back Guarantee which ensures you either get what you paid for or your Money Back! So what is there to lose? If the item is defective, we will be liable for return shipping too! Rest assured, you are in safe hands.

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