Best Orgone Pyramids Energy Chakra World Best Orgonite Pyramid Benefit

Best Orgone Pyramids Energy Chakra World Best Orgonite Pyramid Benefit NEW Pyramid Energy Generator Orgonite Quartz Crystal Stone Polished Healing

  • Violet Flame Orgone Alchemist's Crystal Pyramid
  • Alchemist's Copper and Gold Orgone Pyramid
  • Large Dome Orgonite Devices
  • Amethyst Crystal Point Orgone Pyramid
  • White Light Crown Chakra Orgonite Pyramid
  • Chakra Rainbow Herkimer Crystal Stones Orgonite Pyramid
  • Green-Yellow-Blue, 24 Kt Gold Orgone Pyramid & more

This Healing Onyx Stone Beautiful Pyramid convert negative energy into positive energy, Balancing the Spiritual, Emotional within daily life.

Very Useful to Remove negative energy, Stress Relieve, Plant Growth, Meditation Help, Comfort in Sleep, Help in Meditations, Natural Gemstone can be placed Corner of Bed or Electrical Device Under the Bed Corners in the rooms.

This Crystal Healing Protect you from Wi-Fi, Internet Routers, Harmful Radiation from Mobile Cell Phones, Radiation from Microwaves, Wireless Devices Other Radiation

We have Many- Protective & Energy generator Healing Pyramid, Pendant, Stones, Bracelets as below

Collection of Orgone Pyramid

Lapis Green Jade

  • Physical Healing Throughout the Body
  • Benefits extend throughout the renal system

Rose Amethyst Clear Quartz

  • Opens the Heart at all levels to Promote Love
  • Self-love, Friendship, deep inner Healing
  • Rose Quartz dispels negativity and protects against Environmental Pollution

Tiger Eye Malachite

  • A powerful stone that aids harmony and balance
  • Helps you to release fear and anxiety
  • Helps you to make decisions with discernment and Understanding

Black Tourmaline Clear Quartz

  • Powerful Stone for protection against Negative Energy
  • All kinds including psychic Protection and EMF Protection
  • A strong spiritual grounding stone.

Black Tourmaline Amethyst

  • Associated with the Root or Base Chakra
  • Excellent for grounding excess Energy
  • Amethyst is also beneficial when dealing with legal problems and money issues
  • Best known Prosperity Stone

Tiger Eye Red Carnelian

  • Increases personal power and physical energy
  • Boosts creativity and compassion
  • Energies through the Organs of the Lower half of the body

Tiger Eye Amethyst

  • This Golden stone act as a motivation booster
  • Help rid your mind and body of Fear, Anxiety, Self-doubt
  • Beneficial for career Aspirations
  • Leads you to Harmony and Balance Decisions

Rose Quartz


  • This Crystal is known for the heart chakra
  • Helps Healing the heart
  • Stone of attraction
  • Good for Fertility, Beauty


  • Amethyst is a therapeutic stone
  • Detoxification of the body and mind
  • Used in addictive behavior and anxiety
  • eliminating all distractions and spiritual growth.

Seven Chakra

7 Seven Chakra Orgone Pyramid

  • This 7 Chakra works on seven points of spiritual energy within us
  • Root Chakra (tailbone)
  • Increase your feeling, Grounded and stable
  • Sacral Chakra (two inches below the navel and two inches inward)
  • Decreases feelings of loneliness and Depression
  • Solar Plexus Chakra (in our stomach or upper abdomen)
  • Confidence can be built by regularly meditating on this chakra
  • Heart Chakra (centre of the chest)
  • lowers our cholesterol, blood pressure, and regulates the heartbeat
  • Third Eye Chakra (between the eyes)
  • The third eye is the centre of wisdom and intuition
  • Crown Chakra (top of the head)
  • Opens our minds to inner and outer Beauty


  • A Stone of Transformation
  • Labradorite is a useful companion through change
  • Imparting Strength and Perseverance
  • promoting psychic abilities.


  • Turquoise promotes self-realization and assists creative problem-solving.
  • Turquoise aids in the absorption of nutrients enhances the immune system
  • Stimulates the regeneration of tissue, and heals the whole body.

Lapis Lazuli

  • Encourages Self-awareness, allows Self-expression
  • Compassion and Morality to the Personality
  • Lapis Lazuli assists to confront and speak one's truth and inspires Confidence

Rose Clear Quartz Amethyst

  • Amethyst is a highly spiritual and protective crystal
  • Rose Quartz is known as the love stone.
  • Lowering Stress and bringing Peace

Rose Quartz Black Tourmaline

  • Black Tourmaline increases physical vitality, replacing tension and stress
  • It inspires a positive attitude
  • stimulates altruism and practical creativity

Materials: Copper Shavings, Premium Resin, Rhodonite Healing Crystal

Benefits of Orgone

  • Remove Negative Energy from Area
  • Good for Stress Relieve
  • Plant Growth
  • Meditation Help
  • Comfort in Sleep
  • Help in Yoga and Meditations

Possible locations for Orgone Pyramid & Natural Stones

  • Corner / Under the Bed & Tables
  • On Electrical Device
  • Corners in the rooms
  • Protect you from Wi-Fi Internet Routers, Microwaves
  • Harmful Radiation from Mobile (Cell) Phones
  • Other Devices Radiation

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