CR2016 Batteries Specification, Uses, And Properties!

Batteries are essential in our daily lives, powering everything from watches to laptops and other electronic devices. But what about CR2016 batteries? Are they really worth the hype? This comprehensive guide will explore the world of CR2016 batteries - their specifications, uses, precautions, and more. So buckle up for a techy ride and get ready to gain a better understanding of this small yet powerful battery!


What are CR2016 Batteries?

cr2016 battery

CR2016 batteries are lithium button cells used in many small electronic devices. They are also known as coin cell batteries because of their small size and shape. CR2016 batteries have a diameter of 20mm and a height of 1.6mm.

CR2016 batteries are used in various electronic devices such as watches, calculators, cameras, remote controls, and keyless entry systems. They are also used in medical devices such as glucose meters and hearing aids. CR2016 batteries have a wide operating temperature range and can be used in high and low temperatures.

CR2016 batteries have a long shelf life and can last up to ten years when stored properly. They are also leak-resistant and have a low self-discharge rate. CR2016 batteries are available in both standard and rechargeable versions.




CR batteries are specified by their voltage and capacity. The voltage of a CR battery is always 1.5 volts, so CR2032, CR2025, and CR2016 batteries are all 3-volt batteries. The capacity of a CR battery is specified in mAh, which stands for milliamp hours. A higher mAH number means the battery can store more energy and will last longer. For example, a CR2032 battery has a capacity of 225 mAh, while a CR2025 battery has a capacity of 170 mAh.

When choosing a CR battery, it's essential to consider both the voltage and the capacity. A higher-voltage battery will last longer than a lower-voltage battery, but it will also be more expensive. A higher-capacity battery will also last longer than a lower-capacity battery, but it will be larger and may not fit in your device.

It is also essential to consider the type of device the battery will be used in. Some devices may require a specific CR battery, such as a button cell or coin cell battery. It's best to check the device's specifications for more information on the type of battery required.


Uses of CR2016 batteries


CR2016 batteries are known for their long shelf life and high energy density. CR2016 batteries are often used in small electronics like watches, calculators, and car key fobs. They can also be found in some LED lights.

They are often used in low-power applications such as remote controls, greeting cards, toys, glucose monitors, and computers. The CR2016 is also used in some digital cameras and other devices.

These batteries are very popular in small, thin electronic devices because of their size and weight. They are also widely used in medical applications such as glucose monitors and hearing aids.

They provide a reliable power source for low-drain devices that need long-lasting batteries.


Precautions or safety measures are to be taken while using CR2016 batteries.


When using CR2016 batteries, it is essential to take a few precautions to ensure safety:

  1. Ensure the battery is installed correctly before turning it on.
  2. Never attempt to disassemble or puncture the battery. Doing so could release dangerous chemicals and cause an explosion.
  3. Always dispose of used batteries properly, according to local regulations.


Panasonic CR2016 3V Battery Lithium Cell Coin Batteries

Panasonic CR2016 3V Battery

If you're looking for a high-quality, reliable battery, look no further than the Panasonic CR2016 3V Battery Lithium Cell Coin Battery. With a long shelf life of up to 8 years, these batteries are perfect for many devices, including car key FOBs, watches, calculators, and more. And, because Panasonic makes them, you can rest assured that you're getting a quality product.


Renata CR2016 Watch Battery Swiss Coin Lithium 3V Battery All Pack

 Renata CR2016

Keep your devices powered up and ready to go with Renata CR2016 batteries. These batteries offer high capacity retention on storage, so you can be sure they'll be prepared when you need them. They're also precision-engineered for dimensional stability and reliability, making them an excellent choice for various devices.


In conclusion, we hope this comprehensive guide to CR2016 batteries has given you a better understanding of their features, benefits, and usage. With so many available on the market today, it's essential to understand exactly what each type offers to choose the most suitable option for your needs. Knowing what kind of battery is best for your application can help you make the right decision when purchasing one. Thanks for reading!

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