Latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Review 2022

Latest Samsung Galaxy S7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Review 2022

Excellent for the price

Didn't come with a sticky tab for turning the screen protector over as it described so just improvised with the dust collector sticker. All I can say is;
1. Take your time. Don't act like a know it all and rush it. It'll go bad.
2. Take the time to clean your screen and use the sticker by placing on the phones screen, and press down then remove and do this all over the screen. It takes all greasy marks and fingerprints off.
3. It's slightly at a wrong shape. By slightly I mean like 1mm by the front camera but it doesn't affect it as it doesn't come into view. If you've off like me then this is how the screen has to be placed so you can get the fingerprint area perfect.
4. I placed the screen protector on first and held in perfect position BEFORE attaching the guide stickers firmly as this way, the protector didn't move out of position.
I had a flawless result and for the price, although it's not tempered glass from what I expected, please do NOT tap with a hammer lol, it's still excellent protection.
Negative: it needs to be 2mm wider either side (4mm total) as it doesn't cover full screen and for people who hate dust lines like me .. It'll start to gripe after a while

Good level of protection.

Outstanding product very easy to install. I was expecting to receive it in 5 days but I got it in 2 days. It took me literally less than 5 minutes to install it. It comes with everything you need to clean your screen and also step by step instructions on how to install it. Bubble free and hassle-free. Highly recommended! Very very good.

This protector is very easy to install and it looks its strong

I am very satisfied with the product and service! Great screen protector. Install was super easy with virtually no bubbles. It leaves a slight gap around the edges so it is case-friendly. It is very clear with a very smooth feel. It's hard to tell anything is covering the screen. Doesn't cover full screen but its much better than 3d ones.

Super easy installation!

The packaging makes it look more sophisticated and expensive. Liked that it was a 2-pack, So I used on my daughter's and my phones. Fast and well-protected shipping. You can hardly tell it's there when you look at the phone, And when you touch it- it doesn't mess up the touch screen. Screen protector is wonderful! They communicated clearly, Didn't use a bunch of jargon, And treated me like a person.


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