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The primary objective of using packing material is to preserve the contents of the box so that they arrive unharmed and intact to the buyer.

Customers are more likely to get broken and damaged items if they do not invest in proper protective packaging for your supplies.

Customers do not want to get broken or damaged items, which may rapidly lead to unfavourable reviews and harm to your entire reputation.

Think about packing as a type of customer care before dismissing its relevance. From postage bags to bubble wrap and tissue papers, the packaging you use inside & outside the box is critical.

The functionality of Packing Materials

Surprisingly, another role of packaging is branding. Packaging may serve as a free advertisement for your brand when effectively designed. Some materials, however, perform better as billboards than others.

You can also use address labels for advertising your company name. You may also be able to produce high-definition photo-quality results depending on the sort of labels you use.

It is also feasible to personalize your packing paper or packing tape, but putting your logo on the box itself is one of the most successful tactics. There are different types of packing materials that TradeNRG provides for better packaging, advertisement, and safety for the products.

Postage Bags

packing material
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TradeNRG postage bags are the best eCommerce packing material for online merchants and website/STORE owners. It is often referred to as tamper-resistant postage bags & security bags. You're all set to begin packing your online orders. Preparing bulk shipments is unquestionably difficult labour. That's why TradeNRG Postage Bags have a self-adhesive fast strip, allowing you to remove the strip and push the bag shut easily. Because these postage bags are unprinted, they can be used in any marketplace.

Because courier bags are small in weight, you may save money on freight rates. Courier bags are lighter than corrugated boxes and bulky mailers, so that you may save money on courier fees. These bags do not require cello or sticky tapes to be used, making the packing procedure considerably faster.

Available Sizes & Packs

TradeNRG postage bags are available in various sizes like

  • 6" x 9" (152mm to 229mm)
  • 9" x 12" (229mm to 305mm)
  • 10" x 14" (254mm to 356mm)
  • 12" x 16" (305mm to 407mm)
  • 14" x 19" (356mm to 483mm)
  • 17" x 24" (432mm to 610mm)

and offers packs of

  • 100 Pieces Pack
  • 200 Pieces Pack
  • 500 Pieces Pack
  • 1000 Pieces Pack

Address Labels

address labels
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TradeNRG offers high-quality self-adhesive A4 address label sheets that are ideal for printing using photocopiers, laser & inkjet printers, or even handwriting. Free of jam, whiter, thicker, and smoother.

Address labels from TradeNRG are compatible with both inkjet & laser printers. Print with vibrant colours and crisp text without jams or smearing. Create and design bespoke label stickers to meet all of your personalization requirements.

Alternatively, print postage directly on the pre-cut labels for an easy peel-and-stick application. The high-quality adhesive removes the need for tape and guarantees that the label will not slip off or curl.

Furthermore, TradeNRG address labels are simple to use; load the sticker paper into your printer and pick the pattern you wish to print.

Available Sheets & Labels per sheet

  • 1 Per A4 Sheet - 199.6 X 289.1 mm - L7167
  • 2 Per A4 Sheet - 199.6 x 143.5 mm - L7168
  • 4 Per A4 Sheet - 139 X 99.1 mm - L7169
  • 6 Per A4 Sheet - 99.1 X 93.1 mm - L7166
  • 8 Per A4 Sheet - 99.1 X 67.7 mm - L7165
  • 10 Per A4 Sheet - 99.1 X 57 mm - L7173
  • 12 Per A4 Sheet - 63.5 X 72 mm - L7164
  • 14 Per A4 Sheet - 99.1 X 38.1 mm - L7163
  • 16 Per A4 Sheet - 99.1 X 34 mm - L7162
  • 18 Per A4 Sheet - 63.5 X 46.6 mm - L7161
  • 21 Per A4 Sheet - 63.5 X 38.1 mm - L7160
  • 24 Per A4 Sheet - 63.5 X 33.9 mm - L7159
  • 65 Per A4 Sheet - 38.1 X 21.2 mm - L7651
  • 84 Per A4 Sheet - 46 X 11.11 mm - L7656

and provides various range of sheets like

  • 5 Sheets
  • 10 Sheets
  • 25 Sheets
  • 100 Sheets
  • 500 Sheets


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TradeNRG bubble padded envelopes provide excellent security and shock and vibration protection for your breakables and are one of the best packing materials.

These are also lightweight. It is often referred to as tamper-resistant courier bags and security bags.

You're all set to begin packing your online orders. Preparing bulk shipments is unquestionably difficult labour.

That's why the TradeNRG bubble padded bag has a quick self-adhesive strip, allowing you to remove the strip and push the bag to shut and pack your orders quickly.

Also, TradeNRG Bubble bubble padded envelopes are composed of high-grade LD Plastic with a thickness of more than 50 microns and high-quality bubbles. These bubbles are implanted by a completely automated machine.

Available Packs & Sizes

The TradeNRG bubble-padded envelopes come in various sizes, from 110mm x 165mm to 240mm x 335mm. Also, in various packs like

  • 5 Packs
  • 10 Packs
  • 25 Packs
  • 50 Packs
  • 75 Packs
  • 100 Packs
  • 200 Packs
  • 500 Packs
  • 1000 Packs

Packing Tape

Packing Tape
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Talking about packing tape, it's one of the most basic & cheap ways to pack your products efficiently and is the best packing material.

As TradeNRG offers various big sizes, it becomes easy to pack big materials & products. However, TradeNRG also provides printed & transparent packing tapes.

Printed packing tape works as the best packing material, which also works as a brand advertisement.

The other alternative to packing tape is the stretch wrap packaging rolls which come in big sizes and can cover big products easily.

However, it offers less sticking power & less durable, but combined with packing tapes, it makes the best packing material combo. AlsoTradeNRG offers different sizes for the products.

Tissue Papers

Tissue Papers
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Tissue paper for arts and crafts at a great price is a great packing material. The beautiful tissue papers by TradeNRG is machine finished and come in various colours, including white, black, blue, and brown.

The TradeNRG eco-friendly tissue papers are great for present wrapping, package packaging, and art and craft projects.

However, Yunju brand biodegradable wrapping paper is available at wholesale costs. TradeNRG provides strong tissue paper that is ideal for all forms of creative creation and gift wrapping and serves as a great packing material.

You may also use them to produce tissue pom poms, confetti, paper shred filler, tassels, and other decorations. With only one product, you can solve hundreds of your everyday demands if you get your hands on this multi-purpose paper!

Cardboard Boxes

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Expand your cardboard moving arsenal with this extra-large double-wall cardboard box. This box is perfect for oversized items like furniture, appliances, and even your car. The extra-thick cardboard walls provide extra protection and support, while the double-wall construction keeps your belongings safe and sound. When the moving is done, fold it up and store it away until your next move.

Large Double Wall Cardboard Moving Packing Box is perfect for packing and moving your belongings. It is made of two sturdy pieces of cardboard glued together to create a thicker, sturdier cardboard. These cardboards allow you to carry heavier items without worrying about the cardboard breaking. The double wall design also provides extra insulation and protection for your items.

Make Your House Move Easier With These Cool cardboard uses:

  • Use corrugated cardboard as a surface to protect your furniture from scratches and dings during a move.
  • Line your boxes with cardboard for extra protection and to avoid breakages.
  • Wrap your breakables in cardboard for extra cushioning.
  • Pack heavier items on the bottom of your boxes and lighter items on the top

Cardboards we Provide:-
1. Cardboard Dimensions:- 18"x 12.5"x 12" inches
Cardboard Capacity:- 44 Liters
2. Cardboard Dimensions:- 17" x 11" x 11" inches
Cardboard Capacity:- 34 Liters

Stretch Wrap Rolls

Stretch Wrap Rolls
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If you plan a move, you will need to procure some stretch wrap packaging rolls. Stretch wrap is a robust and elastic film used to wrap around items for protection during transport. It is often used with other packaging materials, such as cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.

Stretch wrap is an essential packing material for anyone planning a move. It will help to keep your belongings safe and secure during transport, and it can also help to prevent damage to your items. If you are planning a move, purchase some stretch wrap rolls to help make the process go smoothly.

Keep your products safe and secure with Stretch Wrap packaging rolls! Our thick, heavy-duty plastic banding delivers the durability, strength, and load-retaining force you need to protect and carry a variety of products. Our transparent film is easy to see through, making it perfect for wrapping food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and toys.

Heavy Duty Plastic Banding! Stretch or shrink wraps are thin plastic films primarily used for securing food products in containers. This clear plastic stretch wrap film roll is ideal for pallet packaging.

Our transparent film delivers a firm grip and lets you see the product through the wrap. We provide stretch wrap rolls in various sizes to get what you need. We have 40cm×300m, 40cm×250m and 40cm×150m available.

Concluding, the main goal of considering any packing material is the protection of the products, so they reach their customers with ease & without any damage.

However, TradeNRG packing materials offer the best quality & durability in various sizes & colours suitable for all customers.

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