Which Face Mask is Best for Coronavirus Protection in UK 2021

Which Face Mask is Best for Coronavirus Protection in UK 2021

At the year-end of 2019, a Novel Coronavirus appeared in China. Since then, Corona Virus has quickly spread all through the world. This epic Coronavirus is called SARS-CoV-2 and the disease that is caused by this virus is called COVID-19.

While some with the healthy immune system and COVID-19 have a mild sickness, others may encounter trouble breathing, pneumonia, and even respiratory disappointment. Old age individuals, people with a lower immune system or underlying health conditions are most in danger of critical sickness.

You may have heard nowadays about using Medical Face Mask to prevent infection. Actually, one ongoing analysis found that Google searches related to face masks spiked worldwide.

So, some question arises in the mind that, are face masks effective? What types of masks available in the market? How to select the best face mask for coronavirus protection?

In general, there are two types of Face Mask for COVID-19 prevention and they are listed below.

  • The Surgical Medical Mask
  • The KN95 / N95 Respirator

We should investigate every one of them in somewhat more detail below.

The Surgical Medical Mask

  • They are disposable
  • They are loose-fitting masks to cover your nose, mouth, and chin
  • They protect you from sprays, large-particle droplets, and splashes
  • It prevents the spread of potentially infectious respiratory secretions from the wearer to others
  • It can vary in design like 2 ply, 3 ply, and 4 plies.

The N95 / KN95 Respirators

  • They are more tight-fitting face masks
  • It can filter out 95% of very small particles including Viruses and Bacteria
  • It protects you from splashes, sprays and large droplets
  • It is available in circular or oval in shape to form a tight seal to your face
  • Some of them have an exhalation valve that helps you with breathing

This is the basic information for face masks to select the perfect for your needs.

Which Face Mask is the best for the Coronavirus protection?

The coronavirus spreads from one person to another via small infectious respiratory secretions. These are generated when an infectious person exhales, coughs or sneezes.

Another person infected if he breathes in these droplets.

Also, infected droplets that have the virus, land on different items or surfaces. Contacting an infected item or surface and afterwards contacting your eyes, nose, or mouth can likewise prompt disease.

The surgical masks can’t protect you against infection with the SARS-CoV-2. The KN95 / N95 respirators can protect you against infectious respiratory secretions as we have mentioned before that KN95 respirators filters viruses and bacteria.

Though, you have to take care of yourself and take some precautions to protect yourself from SARS-CoV-2 Virus.

Please make sure that your KN95 or N95 respirators are fit-tested in order to be used appropriately. A loose or poor seal may lead to leakage and lowering the KN95 respirator’s effectiveness.

Clean your hands frequently with the soap and water or with the alcohol-based hand Sanitizers.

Maintain the social distancing and avoid contact with the people who are sick and avoid touching your face without cleaning your hand.

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