How to Choose Perfect Watch Battery is Renata Best Watch Battery Brand

Which is the Best Battery or Watch Battery Brand in UK 2022? How to Find the Perfect Battery for my Watch? Does Brand Matters in Watch Batteries? Is Renata Best Watch Battery?

Does it matter if we buy brand-name or generic batteries? When it comes to packing the most energy, brand names easily won out, but you'll have to pay more in the long run. Generic batteries didn't last as long as the name-brand one.

Some Say: You pay more for name-brand batteries, but are they worth the cost? it wouldn't matter too much which battery they used. some off-brand batteries are made on the same manufacturing lines as their brand-name counterparts, When it comes to powering electronic devices like your watch, remote or speakers, etc.

You'll be better off paying more brand names, especially since they won't function properly without the right amount. But if you're just looking for something to keep your kid's new race car running or to refresh your flashlight's battery life, you'll save more by going off-brand. Those types of devices don't require massive amounts of battery power to run correctly.

Are watch batteries all the same?

Battery Chemistry:

There are Silver Oxide, Alkaline or Lithium Type Batteries. The Lithium button cells will be 3 Volt cells and the Silver Oxide and Alkaline button cells will be 1.5 Volt. The Lithium cells tend to be the larger button cell batteries and their references tend to be prefixed with either CR or BR. For example, a CR2032 is a Lithium battery.

Watch Battery Chemistry

Silver Oxide or Alkaline?

Since Silver Oxide and Alkaline watch batteries give the same voltage (1.5 Volts) then which battery do you choose? This depends on your application, there is a much wider choice of Silver Oxide watch battery sizes. Where Silver Oxide cells score over their Alkaline counterpart is in their ability to maintain a more stable voltage.

This characteristic makes them better for clocks and watches and essential for metering equipment (like light meters in cameras for example) where a stable voltage is required. Many electronic toys use LR44s or LR41s and there is no problem using a Silver Oxide watch battery of the equivalent size.

So to summarize, if your application calls for a stable voltage under load (watches, clocks, metering equipment etc.) use a Silver Oxide watch battery. If not, and you can get the Alkaline equivalent then use that. And remember, you can always use a Silver Oxide watch battery to replace an Alkaline watch battery.

Battery Sizes:

It is Interesting, The Lithium button cell battery sizes are easy to determine from their reference numbers. The first two digits refer to the diameter of the battery in mm and the second two digits give the height or thickness of the battery in tenths of mm. So, for example, a CR2032 is a Lithium button cell which is 20mm in diameter and 3.2mm thick. A CR2430 is a Lithium button cell which is 24mm in diameter and 3.0mm thick. There, told you that this was interesting!

Other manufacturers use a similar reference numbering system for their watch batteries, and as a general rule wherever you see a three or four-digit reference number for a watch battery it is likely to follow the rule described above. For example, a Renata SR626SW is a Silver oxide watch battery which has a diameter in the 6mm range and is 2.6mm thick. All watch batteries in the 6mm range have a diameter of 6.8mm.

Battery Prefixes:

What do the letters at the beginning of the reference number mean? 

  • BR/CR = Lithium
  • L = Alkaline
  • SR = Silver Oxide
  • LR = Alkaline
  • SG = Silver Oxide
  • AG = Alkaline

 Battery Suffixes:

The letters at the end of the reference number are different, one is W the other SW. Which one do you choose? In the Silver Oxide range of batteries, you will often see a different suffix to the same battery reference. For example, you can get an SR1130W and an SR1130SW. The ¨SW¨ refers to use in low drain devices whereas the ¨W¨ refers to high drain devices. So what's the difference? Well, you would tend to only use a ¨SW¨ battery in a watch without a backlight.

Your standard analogue quartz watch would be fine with a low drain watch battery, whereas a watch which used a backlight would need a high drain ¨W¨ watch battery. Having said that, you could quite happily run a low drain watch using a high drain watch battery. ¨SW¨ batteries will tend to have a slightly longer life when used in low drain devices than their ¨W¨ equivalent. If in doubt use the high drain ¨W¨ type since there is likely to be little or no difference in price.

Battery Capacity and Shelf Life:

mAh (Milli Amp-hours) and this figure give us an idea of how much current can be supplied by the battery and for how long. For example, a battery which had a capacity given as 40mAh will be able to supply 40 milliamps four hour or 20 milliamps for two hours.

The shelf life of watch batteries is determined by storage temperature and their chemistry. Typically, at 21 degrees Celcius, a Silver Oxide battery will lose less than 10% a year, and Alkaline button cell about the same and Lithium button cells less than 2% a year. This loss decreases as the storage temperature decreases.

How to Choose Perfect Battery for my Watch? How to match a Battery Size for different Battery Voltage with Different Brand Batteries?

Find the Battery Size: 

To identify the correct replacement battery for your watch, you will need to know the Battery Size. Sometimes this is printed on the back of the watch - as with some Timex watches - but in many cases, you will need to open your watch case to see the code on the battery.

Renata Watch Batteries All Size

The Various Watch Battery Size such as:

Renata 301 Renata SR43SW11.60 mm4.20 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 303Renata SR1154SW11.60 mm5.40 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 309Renata SR754SW7.90 mm5.40 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 315Renata SR716SW7.90 mm1.65 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 317Renata SR516SW5.80 mm1.60 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 319Renata SR527SW5.80 mm2.70 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 321Renata SR616SW6.80 mm1.65 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 329Renata SR731SW7.90 mm3.10 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 335Renata SR512SW5.80 mm1.25 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 337Renata SR416SW4.80 mm1.65 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 339Renata SR614SW6.80 mm1.40 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 341Renata SR714SW7.90 mm1.45 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 344Renata SR1136SW11.60 mm3.60 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 346Renata SR712SW7.90 mm1.25 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 350Renata SR1136SW11.60 mm3.60 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 357Renata SR44W11.60 mm5.40 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 361Renata SR721W7.90 mm2.10 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 362Renata SR721SW7.90 mm2.10 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 364Renata SR621SW6.80 mm2.15 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 366Renata SR1116SW11.60 mm1.65 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 370Renata SR920W9.50 mm2.05 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 371Renata SR920SW9.50 mm2.05 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 373Renata SR916SW9.50 mm1.60 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 376Renata SR626W6.80 mm2.66 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 377Renata SR626SW6.80 mm2.60 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 379Renata SR521SW5.80 mm2.15 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 380Renata SR936W9.50 mm3.60 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 381Renata SR1120SW11.60 mm2.00 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 384Renata SR41W7.90 mm3.60 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 386Renata SR43W11.60 mm4.20 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 389Renata SR1130W11.60 mm3.20 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 390Renata SR1130SW11.60 mm3.05 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 391Renata SR1120W11.60 mm2.05 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 392Renata SR41W7.90 mm3.60 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 395Renata SR927SW9.50 mm2.70 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 396Renata SR726W7.90 mm2.60 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 397Renata 726SW7.90 mm2.60 mm1.55VSilver Oxide
Renata 399Renata SR927W9.50 mm2.70 mm1.55V Silver Oxide
Renata CR1025Renata CR102510.00 mm 2.50 mm 3VLithium
Renata CR1216Renata CR121612.50 mm1.60 mm3VLithium
Renata CR1220Renata CR122012.50 mm2.00 mm3VLithium
Renata CR1225Renata CR122512.50 mm2.50 mm3VLithium
Renata CR1616Renata CR161616.00 mm1.60 mm3VLithium
Renata CR1620Renata CR162016.00 mm2.00 mm3VLithium
Renata CR1632Renata CR163216.00 mm3.20 mm3VLithium
Renata CR2016Renata CR201620.00 mm1.60 mm3VLithium
Renata CR2025Renata CR202520.00 mm2.50 mm3VLithium
Renata CR2032Renata CR203220.00 mm3.20 mm3VLithium
Renata CR2320Renata CR232023.00 mm2.00 mm3VLithium
Renata CR2325Renata CR232523.00 mm2.50 mm3VLithium
Renata CR2430Renata CR243024.50 mm3.00 mm3VLithium
Renata CR2450NRenata CR2450N24.50 mm5.00 mm3VLithium
Renata CR2477NRenata CR2477N24.40 mm7.70 mm3VLithium
Renata LR44Renata LR115411.60 mm5.40 mm1.50VAlkaline

Once you know the battery Size you can use this to identify the correct replacement battery on our site.

Search site for the battery:  

Simply type the Battery Size you have into the search box here and it will take you to a list of links to the correct equivalent battery.


Search TradeNRG in Google

Renata Watch Batteries

Don't have the original Battery? 

If you no longer have the old battery for your watch and do not know the code for the battery you can still identify it by measuring the hole where the battery fits in the watch. Use our cross reference table here to sort by diameter or thickness to find the closest match to the dimensions you have measured. Still not sure you have the right battery? If you are still not sure if you have identified the correct battery you can ask us on chat or contact us using our Contact Us form.


  • Lithium batteries are designed for high drain applications and are the best battery for quick recovery devices like a camera flash.
  • Heavy-duty batteries are the best batteries for low drain devices like wall clocks.
  • The two main types of devices are high drain and low drain. Applications, like MP3 players, or boom boxes, are high drain and need replacement batteries more often or should use lithium, while clocks and desk alarms are a low drains.
  • Some replacement batteries are stored too long before they are sold. Make sure to check the ‘use by’ date on replacement batteries before buying. The freshest alkaline batteries have a date of 4-5 years away. ‘Expired’ batteries have about 85% of their original capacity and are not the best battery in critical applications.
  • Leading manufacturers produce the most trusted, dependable, high-performance alkaline and lithium batteries on the market and are the very best replacement batteries for critical applications. To choose the best battery from these excellent brand, try each kind of replacement batteries and keep track of the life you get from each. One of these top brands is Renata to be the best battery for your needs.

Rechargeable Batteries Drawbacks:

  • Self-discharge much faster than alkaline
  • Do not produce a 100% fresh battery after each charge
  • Have a poor shelf life
  • Must be completely drained before being recharged
  • Are not necessarily fully powered despite 16 hours of charging

Which is the Best Battery Brand? Watch Battery Repair & Replacement? 

Why you should only buy the Best Brand Battery – our Information Analysis on battery tells you what you need to know. Lithium batteries are a good choice if you’re looking to power a high-drain device such as Watch, Digital Cameras Remote-controlled gadgets Torches, etc.

Duracell, Energizer and Panasonic are just some of the big names in the batteries market, all offering a range of disposable batteries. A battery is a collection of multiple electrochemical cells, but in popular usage battery often refers to a single cell. While supermarket own-brands (including Aldi and Lidl) and own-brands from the likes of Amazon, Ikea and Wilko offer cut-price alternatives. 


There are many brands in Watch Batteries (Renata, Varta, Panasonic, Energizer, Rayovac, Duracell Battery) and many different models (AA Battery, AAA Battery, 1.55V, 3V, AA Batteries, AAA Batteries, Industrial Battery, Industrial Batteries) but most people preferred Swiss Made Silver Oxide Lithium Coin Cell long-lasting watch battery from Renata, No 1 Brand Renata makes Quality 1.55Volt and 3Volt Watch Batteries and keep Watch running With no major hassle. Obtaining the proper replacement watch battery is a matter of knowing what size is needed and whether the watch is a high-drain or low-drain type. Putting a low-drain battery into a high-drain watch simply makes the watch stop working sooner. Always replace the battery with one of identical size and characteristics, although the buyer can switch brand names without any issues arising. Hundreds of brands claim to be the best battery but only Renata can live up to this promise. Renata Batteries is an undisputed leader in watch batteries.

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