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Which is The Best Watch Batteries? Compare Renata vs Maxwell vs Sony vs Panasonic vs Varta vs Energizer. Best Battery in 2022

                                     Coin Cell batteries come in many different forms in terms of size, power, type, brand, and quality. Most quartz wristwatches use 1.5V Silver Oxide batteries of which there are in excess of 40 different sizes in common use. LCD (liquid crystal display) or digital watches tend to use nominal voltage 3-volt lithium batteries 3V. Some watches, including one from Omega, use an unusual 2-volt lithium battery. Most of them are 1.5v; in this category one of the best brands is Renata.

                                          There are many cheap inferior batteries sold & fitted by both jewellers and ‘repairers’. In recent times there has been a flood of alkaline Button batteries entering the market. Alkaline batteries are entirely useless for watches as their power reserve and performance dips from day 1. For example, if a torch is left on for a number of hours, it will, of course, be considerably dimmer and if left the beam will just fade away. These batteries are unfortunately commonly fitted in watches too. After these cells have spent their energy, they are prone to leakage and will destroy the movement in a watch.


Renata 377 battery are batteries lithium? Renata 394 battery how long do watch batteries last? Duracell vs energizer Which is Best Battery? Duracell ultra, rechargeable battery, lr626, lr66, replacement battery, testing energizer ultimate lithium Renata Batteries, Renata battery life mercury batteries energizer max coin cell battery manganese dioxide lithium coin cell is the most common material used in the Battery UK.


Many battery brands are used in the marketplace. We Suggest Renata wherever possible. These tend to be the most expensive but are in our view the best. Renata is a Swiss-made battery manufacturing company owned by Swatch Group (Omega, Longines, Hamilton, Breguet etc). Renata batteries are the most reliable and last the longest too. They are also the battery of choice fitted by premier Swiss watch houses including Tag HEUER, Breitling, Chopard and even Rolex for their quartz collections.


Battery Size Cross Reference Guide / Equivalent Chart Guide:


301301SR43SWV301301D 301/386N/A226D280-01SB-A8SR43 (SR1142)
303303SR44SWV303303D 303/357N/AN/AA280-08SB-A9SR44 (SR1154)
309309SR754SWV309309D 309/393N/A70TN/AN/AN/ASR48 (SR754)
315315SR716SWV315315N/AN/A614HA280-56SB-ATSR67 (SR716)
317317SR516SWV317317N/AN/A616CA280-58SB-ARSR62 (SR516)
319319SR527SWV319319D 319N/A615N/A280-60SB-AE/DESR64 (SR527)
321321SR616SWV321321N/AN/A611DA280-73SB-AF/DFSR65 (SR616)
344344SR1136SWV344344N/AN/A242N/AN/AN/ASR42 (SR1136)
350350N/AV350N/AN/AN/A604N/AN/AN/ASR42 (SR1136)
357357SR44WV357 357N/AD 303/357357228J280-62SB-B9SR44 (SR1154)
361361SR721WV361361D 361/362N/AN/AX280-53SB-BK/EKSR58 (SR721)
362362SR721SWV362362D 361/362 601N/AN/AS280-29SB-AK/DKSR58 (SR721)
364364SR621SWV364364D 364 602N/AN/AT280-34SB-AG/DGSR60 (SR621)
370370SR920WV370370D 370/371N/A620Z280-51SB-BNSR69 (SR921)
371371SR920SWV371371D 370/371N/A605N/A280-31SB-ANSR69 (SR921)
373373SR916SWV373373N/AN/A617WA280-45SB-AJ/DJSR68 (SR916)
376376SR626WN/A376D 376N/A619MAN/AN/ASR66 (SR626)
377377SR626SWV377377D 377377606BA280-39SB-AWSR66 (SR626)
379379SR521SWV379379D 379N/A618JA280-59SB-AC/DCSR63 (SR521)
380 380SR936WN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ASR936
381381SR1120SWV381381D 381/391317N/AN/A280-27SB-AS/DSSR55 (SR1121)
384384SR41SWV384384D 384/392247N/AN/A280-18SB-A1/D1SR41 (SR736)
386386SR43WV386386D 301/386386260H280-41SB-B8SR43 (SR1142)
389389SR1130WV389389D 389/390389626M280-15SB-BUSR54 (SR1130)
390390SR1130SWV390390D 389/390603N/AN/A280-24SB-AUSR54 (SR1130)
391391SR1120WV391391D 381/391609N/AL280-30SB-BS/ESSR55 (SR1121)
392392SR41WV392392D 384/392247BN/AK280-13SB-B1SR41 (SR736)
393393SR754WV393393D 309/393255N/AFN/ASB-B3SR48 (SR754)
394394SR936SWV394394D 394 625N/AN/AN/A280-17SB-A4SR936
395395SR927SWV395395D 395/399610N/ALA280-48SB-AP/DPSR57 (SR927)
396396SR726WV396396D 396/397612N/AV280-52SB-BLSR59 (SR726)
397397SR726SWV397397D 396/397607N280-28SB-ALSR59 (SR726)N/A
399399SR927WV399399D 395/399613W280-44SB-BP/EPSR57 (SR927)N/A


Watch Battery Cross Reference Table/Chart for all Coin Cell Batteries

1. Renata Watch Battery | Buy Now |

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Renata Batteries come from a Swiss company that is owned by the Swatch Group, which produces Omega, Longines, and Breguet watches. This is the brand that is trusted by thousands of watch repairers worldwide. This brand is a little more expensive and often used in quartz watches because the batteries are considered long-lasting and reliable. The company makes 40 different types of Renata batteries that are constructed of silver oxide without any mercury. In the past, Coin Cell batteries contained a little mercury, but most companies have moved away from this chemical since it is toxic to the environment. Renata batteries provide about 1.55 volts and have a very low self-discharge rate; they are also leak proof. These button cell batteries are used in Swiss quartz watches such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, and Breitling.

Best Watch Batteries Renata vs maxell vs sony vs panasonic vs Varta vs Energizer

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2. Rayovac Watch Battery | Buy Now |      


RAYOVAC offers batteries that keep those essential everyday devices going. Dependable power for your speciality devices. Rayovac Batteries provide Long lasting energy for watches, remote controls, medical devices, and more. Rayovac electronic batteries provide high performance & keeping your speciality devices going strong. Dimensional precision and stability. High capacity retention on storage (low self-discharge). State of the art leak proofness thanks to a  sophisticated sealing process. Constant availability SR-Series for watches, LED, Calculators, Medical Applications, Metering, RFID, etc. CR-Series for Car Key Fob Remotes, Measuring Equipment, payment systems, toys, computer motherboard, etc.

RAYOVAC BATTERIES Best Watch Batteries Renata vs maxell vs sony vs panasonic vs Varta vs Energizer



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3. Duracell Battery | Buy Now |       


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Duracell AA | Duracell AAA | Duracell 9V | Duracell D Size

Duracell LR44

Duracell speciality batteries offer reliable, long-lasting power. Our MN1500 alkaline battery will give you the power you need for your important electronic devices. AA batteries are the most common size of battery used in the UK today. They power a wide range of devices, from audio players and digital cameras to toys and torches. Alkaline technology provides much better value for money than traditional zinc chloride batteries, especially with more demanding applications such as CD or MP3 players. 


4. Maxell Watch Battery

Maxell is the second brand that is known to watch lovers. This company is well known for small electronics batteries, including those for watches. These small button cell batteries also are made of silver oxide, do not contain any mercury, and provide 1.5 volts of energy. In terms of price, this brand is a little on the expensive side as well. The Maxell comes in several types and different sizes, divided between those needed for high-drain watches and those for low-drain watches. High-drain watches need extra energy for background lighting and audible alarms, while low-drain watches are simply timepieces. Maxell also offers a line of watch-sized electronic speciality batteries for use in certain handheld engineering tools.

5. Varta Watch Battery | Buy Now | 

Varta Batteries


Varta makes 33 different types of batteries for watches and timepieces. Some of the Varta Coin Cell batteries are similar to the silver oxide ones that other companies make, but Varta also makes alkaline manganese and lithium batteries. Although officially considered Button batteries, alkaline and lithium batteries are also intended for other equipment, such as calculators, cameras, and car keys. A 3-Volt Lithium Battery can also be used in some digital watches with liquid crystal displays, and some unusual watches, such as one type of watch from Omega that uses a rare 2-volt lithium battery. Varta supplies both of these unusual batteries, which can be used for some pagers and calculators as well.

6. Sony Watch Battery

Sony is one of the largest brands but still lagging behind in a battery. Considered the largest silver oxide button cell battery maker in the world, Sony makes 40 different silver oxide Coin Cell batteries in order to fit a wide variety of timepieces. Roughly half of the batteries are for high-drain watches, while the rest are made for low-drain timepieces. However, all of the batteries provide 1.5 volts, although they differ in how much capacity they hold. Both of these battery types can be used in high-end quartz watch movements, although the buyer should match the high-drain or low-drain battery with the right kind of watch. In addition, these batteries can be placed in analogue and digital watches, as well as calculators, toys, and other portable electronics. The Sony battery has great leak resistance and voltage stability. It also provides a long shelf life, according to a popular consumer website. In addition, Sony supplies batteries to the Seiko, Casio, Citizen, and Orient watch manufacturers.

7. Energizer Watch Battery | Buy Now |      

Energizer Batteries

This is one of the most trusted brands. Energizer makes a wide variety of batteries, and that particularly includes batteries. These batteries consist of both silver oxide and lithium types, and they are some of the most affordable ones on the market. Energizer Coin Cell batteries are also used for glucose monitors, pedometers, remote controls, and other small devices. These products provide 1.5 volts and are resistant to leakage. Customer reviews on consumer websites give Energizer Button batteries high ratings for longevity and overall quality.
Furthermore, Energizer is one of the first companies to change its packaging to make it more challenging to open. This is because these small button-sized batteries are easy for children to swallow. By making the battery containers harder to open, the company is striving to make its packaging safer and child-resistant.

Conclusion : 

There are many sellers on eBay / Amazon & Google who sells a battery. But you have to be very careful in buying batteries as most of the sellers are not authorized resellers or they dump cheap replica or fake batteries. They also many times sell outdated battery which is not only good for your watch but bad for health too. We at TradeNRG always have brand new stock of the batteries and all of our batteries have a very long expiry date. We sell in Pack of 1, Pack of 2, Pack of 5 and Pack of 10 Renata batteries and if you are looking for larger qty then feel free to get in touch. best place to buy watch batteries like Renata batteries, 377 battery,370 battery equivalent, watch batteries,394 battery, are watch batteries lithium, energizer watch batteries, how long do watch batteries last, Duracell vs energizer.

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