Wired Headphones vs Wireless Headphones news

Wired Headphones vs Wireless Headphones


Wired Headphones vs Wireless Headphones

There are multiple types of earphones available for different budgets and expectations. While the varied offer is good, the consumer often feels lost in the high range of earbuds available. we try to shed some light into the wired vs. wireless earphones competition. All you need to sound flawless and fit comfortably for hours of listening.


Earphones can connect to your smartphone through a 3.5mm cable. Wired earphones are generally less expensive, and you don't need to worry about keeping them charged. Wired headphones are less expensive than their wireless counterparts, so you can get a great sounding pair at a relatively low cost.

Being compatible with most smartphones and MP3 Players, it is a great pick for everyone who loves listening to music while travelling. It is compatible with the Android, Apple, and other devices in addition to being compatible with mp3 players, tablets, and laptops as well. The 3.5 mm connector makes it convenient to plug it in to your audio device and enjoy.

The lightweight construction of the in-ear earphones make it very comfortable to use. It has ear buds that fits in the snug manner and prevents sound leakage as well. The cord is long enough that makes using your device paired with it easier as well.


Bluetooth earphones are more convenient because you don't have to physically connect them to your smartphone. For the most part, you won't find a 3.5mm port and removable cable on. The best combination of sound quality and noise cancellation (NC) performance into a singular high-end travel headphone. Wireless headphones will give you complete freedom of movement and you never have to worry about the cable getting caught up anywhere and getting into a tangle.

Universally Compatible - Suitable for most Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as iPhone, iPads, Android Smartphones, Tablets and so on.

A headset that brings you quality stereo sound through the power of bone conduction, so unlike traditionally headphones or ear buds it will not damage your ear drums and can even be used by the hearing impaired. Adjustable headband for tight and comfortable wearing, no worries of the headset falling.

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