1 X Energizer 9V Pp3 Block Rechargeable Battery 175 Mah Hr22 Ni-Mh E Power Plus



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 Energizer 9V PP3 Block Rechargeable Battery Power Plus

These high powered 175 mAh 9 Volt Block Energizer Power Plus rechargeable batteries are the rechargeable battery for regular use in everyday devices. They provide reliable power with hundreds of recharge cycles, making them a great economic and environmental choice.

Note for the use of Smoke Alarms:

Standard rechargeable batteries such as these Energizer Power Plus 9V batteries will slowly lose their power even when not in use (around 30% of charge per month). For most devices this is not an issue, however, for smoke alarms, we recommend you chose a rechargeable battery which has low self-discharge or stay-charge technology. This is due to the fact that a smoke alarm will potentially only use a small amount of power over a long period of time and a standard rechargeable battery will not hold it's charge and power the alarm. We recommend using low self-discharge 9V Batteries (also known as ‘Stay charged’ or 'Ready To Use') as an alternative to standard rechargeable batteries.

Feature Notes
Quantity 1 Battery ( in  a retail pack )
Size 9V PP3 HR22
Type / Chemical Rechargeable NiMH
Capacity 175 mAh
Voltage 9 Volt
Stay charge / Always ready No
Dimensions Height: 48.5 mm, Width: 26.2 mm, Depth: 17 mm
Brand Energizer
Common uses Smoke Alarms, Digital toys and games, radio controlled toys, tools, torches, flashlights, digital devices including radios, clocks, power backup etc
Also Known as

9V, PP3, HR22, MN1604, BLOC, 6LR61, 1604AU, X22, 1604, 1604A, 1604AC, 4022, 522, 6AM6, 6F22, 9VOLT, A1604, CLR6, K9V, KA9, ND65V, R22, RB100890


Energizer 9V PP3 Block Rechargeable Battery Power Plus