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20x Genuine PANASONIC LR03 1.5V Zinc Carbon AAA MN2400 Batteries UK


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VENDOR: Panasonic


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20x AAA Genuine PANASONIC LR03 Zinc Carbon Batteries 1.5V TRIPLE A Battery Long Expiry 2024

New and Sealed LR03 1.5V Expiry 2024
 Pack of 20 Batteries 
Lowest Price - Limited Time Offer 
We Stock Latest Batteries - Longest Expiry Date 
Economical power for low drain devices...


  • Simple and reliable technology
  • Excellent price versus quality ratio
  • Economical in terms of cost per hour for low drain appliances
  • No mercury, no cadmium and no lead added

Lowest cost per hour :

The most important asset of the ZINC CARBON AAA battery is undoubtedly its low cost, thanks to the simple Zinc technology that has been used for a long time, anywhere in the world. For applications or devices that require little energy, the battery offers a lot of quality for an hourly cost that's simply unmatchable. That makes the Zinc-Carbon AAA battery very suitable for clocks, remote controls, etc.

no pb hg cd added

High-reliability, Pb 0% added

Since 2012, Panasonic's ZINC CARBON batteries have become a lot more environmentally friendly. Panasonic managed to eliminate mercury in 1989 and cadmium in 1991. But the difficulties in mass production of unleaded batteries involving the strength and erosion resistance of zinc battery cans prevented the development of the no-added-lead product for a long time. After years of on-going research and innovation, Panasonic eventually succeeded in developing an independent technology achieving both good performance and mass productivity. The high-reliability, Pb 0% ADDED Zinc Carbon batteries commercially realized by these efforts are now on sale in more than 100 countries worldwide.

20x Genuine PANASONIC LR03 1.5V Zinc Carbon AAA MN2400 Batteries UK

20x Genuine PANASONIC LR03 1.5V Zinc Carbon AAA MN2400 Batteries UK