3x Self Adhesive Elastic Band PU Leather Pen Loop Holder - All Colors

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3x Best Quality PU leather with Elastic Band Self Adhesive Pen Loop Sticker for Planner Tablet Stylus Notebooks in All Color Pack of 3

The iSOUL Pen loop - self-adhesive pen-holder made from sturdy elastic. Whether a pencil, fountain pen or wax crayon, the pen loop is suitable for any size of the pen. The self-adhesive loop is simply affixed to the inside back cover. So you can carry your favourite pen with your notebook at all times. The glue is strong and will last the life of the notebook.
Product Features:-
  • Available in different colours: See drop-down menu
  • Self-adhesive - Stick it to the back of your notebook/calendar/planner/address book
  • 4cm x 4cm
  • 1.5 cm elastic loop


  • 3x Pen Loop