6X Rayovac Watch Battery Swiss Made Silver Oxide / Lithium Batteries All Sizes

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Rayovac Watch Batteries

Dependable power for your specialty devices. Rayovac Watch Batteries provide Long lasting energy for watches, remote controls, medical devices, and more.
  • An optimized volume/capacity ratio 
  • Rayovac electronic batteries provide high performance at a great price, keeping your specialty devices going strong
  • For use in devices such as watches, calculators, remote controls and medical devices
  • 3.0-volt
  • Dimensional precision and stability 
  • High capacity retention on storage (low self-discharge) 
  • Excellent reliability thanks to a uniformly high quality level 
  • State of the art leak proofness thanks to a  sophisticated sealing process 
  • Constant availability
  • SR-Series for watches, LED, Calculators, Medical Applications, Metering, RFID etc
  • CR-Series for Car Key Fob Remotes, Measuring Equipment, payment systems, toys, computer motherboard etc
  • 6 X Rayovac Watch Batteries

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Rayovac Watch Batteries