8x Rayovac 301 Watch Battery Swiss Made Silver Oxide Lithium Coin Cell

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8x Rayovac 301 Watch Battery Swiss Made Silver Oxide Coin Cell Rayovac Watch Batteries

Dependable power for your speciality devices. Rayovac Watch Batteries provide Long lasting energy for watches, remote controls, medical devices, and more.


An optimized volume/capacity ratio
Rayovac electronic batteries provide high performance at a great price, keeping your speciality devices going strong
For use in devices such as watches, calculators, remote controls and medical devices
Dimensional precision and stability
High capacity retention on storage (low self-discharge)
Excellent reliability thanks to a uniformly high-quality level
State of the art leak-proof thanks to a sophisticated sealing process
Constant availability
SR-Series for watches, LED, Calculators, Medical Applications, Metering, RFID etc
CR-Series for Car Key Fob Remotes, Measuring Equipment, payment systems, toys, computer motherboard etc


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