Duracell 9v Cell Plus Power Battery Pack of 1 MN1604/6LR6 - PP3 (9V) - Battery - Duracell

Duracell 9V Cell Plus Power Battery Pack Of 1 Mn1604/6Lr6 - Pp3 (9V)



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  • They are ideal for powering remote controls, CD players, motorised toys, flashlights, toothbrushes etc.
  • Duralock technology preserves the battery power, guaranteeing that it stays powered for up to 10 years in storage.
  • Duracell Plus Power batteries provides reliable performance and long-lasting power in a broad range of everyday devices

  • Duracell Alkaline Battery Pack 1 9V
  • Brand : Duracell
  • Product code :S3565
  • Barcode : 5000394019256
  • PACK OF 1