Duracell AAA Rechargeable

Duracell 750 mah Hr03 AAA Nimh Rechargeable Batteries - 4 Battery Pack

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Duracell AAA 750 mAh rechargeable batteries can be charged hundreds of times for thousands of photos to power cameras, game console controllers, remote controls, LED torches, wireless mice, Panasonic Cordless DECT phones and walkie talkies, toys and other everyday devices. Duracell AAA rechargeable batteries Stay-Charged, however not Pre-Charged - these will need to be charged before first use. Keep your power hungry devices charged at all times, when the power runs low just recharge them to full power again! You'll never run out of power with the Duracell HR03/DC2400 AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries, so stay charged!

  • High performance 750mAh capacity AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries.
  • Ideal for range of devices including high performance / high demand equipment!
  • Guaranteed to last 3 years or 300 recharges - whichever is first.
  • With Duralock technology stay charged up to 6 months after charging.
  • Save lots of money on single use batteries and environment friendly as well.
  • Also known as LR03, HR03, LR3, MN2400, HR3, UO100557, DC2400, DC2400B4N, AAA, AM4M8A, AM4, S, 824, E92, LR03N, etc.,
  • Battery Size: AAA
  • Battery Capacity: 750.0mAh
  • Battery Technologies: NiMH
  • Batteries Per Pack: 4
  • Rechargable: Yes
  • Technology: NiMh
  • Voltage 1.2 Volts
  • Pack Weight(approx): 54.0g
  • Manufacturer's 3 year guarantee
Pack Contents:
  • 4 x Duracell AAA NiMH Batteries