Duracell Industrial Id2400 Battery - Aaa - Alkaline


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Duracell INDUSTRIAL ID2400 Battery - AAA - Alkaline

These are Duracell alkaline batteries, technically identical to the consumer version, but branded and packed differently. They are not available through retail consumer outlets, which helps reduce stock losses due to pilferage, especially for larger organisations. Distribution is only through a limited range of industrial distributors. The batteries are packed and sold in carton quantities. Cartons are cardboard, and batteries are not individually wrapped or sealed. This packaging is more economical than blister packs, so prices are lower than for the blister-packed Duracell consumer range. Duracell Industrial Alkaline batteries deliver outstanding performance and reliability

Major Advantages are: 
  • Dependable, long lasting power with up to a 7 year freshness guarantee
  • Economical bulk packaging for professional applications
  • Contains no added mercury

Also known as - 24AU, LR03, X92, AAA

Duracell INDUSTRIAL ID2400 Battery - AAA - Alkaline