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Febreze Ambi Pur 3Volution Air Freshener - Sparkling Bloom


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About this item
  • Continuously removes odours and alternates between 3 complementary scents for noticeable freshness
  • Leaves a light fresh scent for up to 90 days (if used 12 hours a day at minimum setting)
  • 3Volution alternates the complementary scents every 45 minutes so you keep noticing the freshness
  • Doesn't mask but truly cleans away tough lingering odours, leaving a light fresh scent
  • Wide range of high-quality fragrances
OdourClear technology:
  • Ambi Pur 3Volution features Febreze’s OdourClear technology that continuously eliminates tough lingering odours. How does it work? OdourClear identifies the broadest range of nasty odour molecules, transforms their structure, and clears them away from the air so that you only smell the lasting freshness.
Alternating scents create truly noticeable freshness:
  • Ambi Pur 3Volution plug-in features a triple chamber design with three complementary scents that alternate every 45 minutes so that your nose doesn’t have time to get used to the same scent. And you keep on noticing the freshness, day in and day out.
Rich perfume design to delight your senses:
  • Each scent in the Ambi Pur 3Volution plug-in features a complex blend of high-quality perfume ingredients, creating a balance of top, middle, and base fragrance notes ready to transport your senses as it travels into the room. Plug it in and breathe happily.
Odour-free freshness for up to 90 days:
  • With Ambi Pur 3Volution, you enjoy the continuous freshness that lasts and lasts. Just plug it in, adjust the level of intensity, and it will keep your home guest ready for up to 90 days. if used 12 hours a day at a minimum setting.
Febreze Ambi Pur 3Volution Air Freshener - Sparkling Bloom

Febreze Ambi Pur 3Volution Air Freshener - Sparkling Bloom