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Antibacterial Screen Cleaning Kit for LCD LED TFT HD TV’s Plasma touch


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Tv Laptop Lcd Cleaning Kit 100Ml Screen Cleaner Anti-Static With 12 Antibacterial Wipes And Fine Microfibre Towel For Laptops, Computers, Pc, Monitor, Televisions, Plasma Screen, Tablets, Ipad, Led Tv Computer Monitor Hair/Dust Wipes Cleaning Kit

TV Laptop LCD Cleaning Kit  

  • Best for LCD, LED, TFT, HD TVs, Plasma, touchscreen, smartphones, TV Screens, Tablets, Keyboards, E-readers, Mouse
  • Free from alcohol and ammonia. Non-toxic and hypo-allergenic: safe for the device. Removes dust and fingerprints without streaks or stains.
  • It can be used used to clean most screen types, Laptop screen cleaner is Anti-static, Anti-Bacterial, and Kills 99.99% of germs.
  • Can be used with Apple Retina products (iPhone, iPad, Macbook), LCD LED Plasma TV, Canon EOS, Nikon, Fujifilm digital camera, tablets, computers, laptops and other touch screen devices. Screen cleaning kit including fine microfibre cloth and anti-bacterial wipes
  • Smart Size 100 Ml bottle comes High-Quality Microfiber Towel with 12 Anti-bacterial wipes

This unique Cleaning Kit is designed for PS4 and it works with all devices and screen types. includes 12 antibacterial wipes, a non-abrasive microfiber cloth and a cleaning spray to keep your controllers and system dirt and fingerprint free. This screen cleaner is designed to make cleaning your digital camera lens and screen, smartphone display, LCD LED or Plasma, TV screen cleaner and monitor or even your helmet visor quick and easy. Absolutely safe for any type of screen and touchscreen.

  • Anti-static, Anti-Bacterial, Kills 99.99% of germs.
  • Completely safe for Apple Retina display (iPhone 6S, iPad, Macbook Pro and Air).
  • Removes dust and fingerprints without streaks or stains.
  • Premium microfibre screen cleaning cloth included. TV Laptop LCD Cleaning Kit 
  • Screen cleaner kit that is free from alcohol and ammonia.

How to use:

  • Turn off your TV /monitor / Phone or lock your smartphone. Areas of dirt or oil are easier to spot when the screen is off.
  • Spray the cleaning solution one or two times onto the provided microfibre cloth and wipe your screen. There are 12 anti-bacterial screen wipes as well included.

Pack contents:

  • Antibacterial Cleaning Wipe 12 x Pack
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 100ML Alcohol-free cleaning Spray TV Laptop LCD Cleaning Kit 
Antibacterial Screen Cleaning Kit for LCD LED TFT HD TV’s Plasma touch

Antibacterial Screen Cleaning Kit for LCD LED TFT HD TV’s Plasma touch