5x Renata 396 Watch Battery 1.55V SR726SW Silver Oxide Coin Lithium

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Renata 396 Swiss Made Lithium Button/Coin Cell Watch Battery SR726SW, 0% Mercury free with Long Expiry date

5X Renata 396 Sr726W Watch Battery Swiss Made Batteries V396 D-396 V 280-52 Sb-Bl Sr726 Sr59 Silver Oxide 1.55V Coin Cell

Renata 396 SR726W Watch Battery, Renata's make over 40 different watch battery types, mostly silver oxide 1.55 Volt, this offers a suitable power source for any electronic device requiring an ultra-compact, long-lasting, low voltage power source. Thanks to its close association with the Swiss watch industry, RENATA has first-hand knowledge of what a high-quality watch battery must stand for.
  • Chemical system: Zinc / Monovalent Silver Oxide, high drain
  • Nominal Voltage:1,55 V
  • Capacity: 32 mAh, Discharge over 25,5 kΩ at 20°C to 1,2 V
  • Operating Temperature* : 0°C - 60°C
  • Self Discharge: Less than 10% per year at 20°C
  • Weight: ~0,50 g
Dimensions(according IEC 60086-3):-
  • Diameter: 7,90 mm (0,311")
  • Height: 2,60 mm (0,102")
Discharge Curve:-
  • Constant Load: 25,5 kΩ
  • Starting Drain: 61,9 μA
  • Temperature: 20°C
    • an optimised volume/capacity ratio
    • dimensional precision and stability 
    • high capacity retention on storage
    • excellent reliability thanks to a uniformly high-quality level 
    • state of the art leakproofness thanks to a  sophisticated sealing process 
    • constant availability


    • 5 x Single Renata 396 SR726W Batteries.