Download Free Word & PDF Label Printing Templates for Product LP24/72

Label Printing Templates for Product LP24/72

Free Word Templates & PDF Templates For Printing A4 Sheets Of Self Adhesive Labels.

Use the purple links below to download and save a template for your A4 labels; all of our label templates are thoroughly and regularly tested to ensure that they are accurate and compatible with our labels, so you can print your labels quickly, easily, and – perhaps most importantly – trouble-free!
You can also use any of the codes listed below to access a template that is built into the software you want (or need) to use to design and/or print your labels.

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Product Image Label Width Label Height Number Across Number Down


72mm 21.15mm 2 12
Top Margin Bottom Margin Side Margin (Left) Side Margin (Right)
21.6mm 21.6mm 22mm 22mm
Vertical Pitch
(top of row 1 to top of row 2)
Horizontal Pitch
(left of column 1 to left of column 2)
21.15mm 94mm
Printing Assistance Codes: Also Known As:
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L7665* SL24, LL24MD, L24-7221SE
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Notes About This Template
  • Mini Data Cartridge Labels – rectangles with rounded corners
  • Centralized layout
  • Selvedge present
  • Bleed not possible
  • Feed direction not indicated
  • Gaps between labels (horizontal only)

Special Feature: 

  • White Fluorescent Removable Labels

Please note that Word does not allow measurements of 2 decimal places when working in mm. Our templates are set up with a label height of 21.1 mm.

If you find that your design is printing out slightly too small for your labels (i.e. the bottom of your printed template finishes just above the bottom edge of the last label on the sheet), you may wish to try using our alternative templates (these templates are set up with a label height of 21.2 mm). If you wish to make your own adjustments to the template you are using, remember you will also need to adjust the top margin to accommodate for using the larger label height.

[If you are working in the landscape the height becomes the width; so if your design doesn’t start at the left edge of the first label in each row and end at the right edge of the last label in each row, you may need to try using 21.2 mm as the label width. If you make your own adjustments, you need to remember to alter the side margins.]


(Matt White Paper With Permanent Adhesive)

Please note that these templates are provided in good faith for our customers to use free of charge. Customers should test the suitability of these templates for their requirements (including compatibility with their software/hardware) and are responsible for making any necessary adjustments to achieve the best possible alignment.

All products are manufactured with a tolerance, which is an allowable deviation from the measurements stated on the goods (for example, an A4 sheet may have a tolerance of +/- 2 mm); this tolerance can lead to slight variation in the measurements of label products and so we recommend that customers complete a test print of any template before printing onto their label products so that they may determine if the template requires any further adjustments.

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