Download Free Word & PDF Portrait & Landscape Label Per Page Templates

Free Word & PDF Label Per Page Templates 
Download Portrait & Landscape Templates To Print Rectangular Labels Per Page with Rounded Corners

 Accurate ~ Compatible ~ Easy To Use :

Use the table below to find a template for the blank labels you want to print. The table is sorted by the number of labels per sheet (smallest to largest); click on a label code to view all of the templates available for that size (and download the one you need).

Rectangular Labels with Rounded Corners - Label Printing Templates

No. Per SheetSize (mm) Width × HeightTemplate Information Page
1199.6 × 289.1Templates For LP1/199 & Avery L7167
2199.6 × 143.5Templates For LP2/199 & Avery L7168
499.1 × 139Templates For LP4/99 & Avery L7169
4192 x 62Templates For LP4/192 & Avery L7701
4200 × 60Templates For LP4/200 & Avery L7171
699.1 × 93.1Templates For LP6/99 & Avery L7166
7192 x 39Templates For LP7/192 & Avery L4760
899.1 × 67.7Templates For LP8/99 & Avery L7165
870 x 71.8Templates For LP8/71 & Avery L7664
9133 x 29.6Templates For LP9/133 & Avery L7667
1099.1 × 57Templates For LP10/99 & Avery L7173
1038.1 x 135Templates For LP10/38 & Avery J5103
1070 x 52Templates For LP10/70 & Avery L7666
1095.8 × 50.7Templates For LP10/96 & Avery L7783
1263.5 × 72Templates For LP12/63 & Avery L7164
1276.2 x 46.4Templates For LP12/76 & Avery L7671
1299.1 × 42.3Templates For LP12/99 & Avery L7177
1499.1 × 38.1Templates For LP14/99 & Avery L7163
1463.5/135 × 38Templates For LP14/63 & Avery J5102
1559 x 50.9Templates For LP15/59 & Avery L7668
1699.1 × 33.9Templates For LP16/99 & Avery L7162
16145 x 17Templates For LP16/145 & Avery L7674
1863.5 × 46.6Templates For LP18/63 & Avery L7161
18100 x 30Templates For LP18/100 & Avery L7172
2038.1 x 69Templates For LP20/38 & Avery J5101
2163.5 × 38.1Templates For LP21/63 & Avery L7160
2463.5 × 33.9Templates For LP24/63 & Avery L7159
2472 x 21.15Templates For LP24/72 & Avery L7665
24134 x 11Templates For LP24/134 & Avery L7170
2763.5 x 29.6Templates For LP27/63 & Avery L6011
3354 x 22Templates For LP33/53
3648.9 × 29.6Templates For LP36/49
4045.7 × 25.4Templates For LP40/45 & Avery L7654
4845.7 x 21.2Templates For LP48/45 & Avery L7636
5689 x 10Templates For LP56/89
6538.1 × 21.2Templates For LP65/38 & Avery L7651
8446 × 11.1Templates For LP84/46 & Avery L7656
18925.4 x 10Templates For LP189/25 & Avery L7658
27017.8 x 10Templates For LP270/18 & Avery L7657


Top Tips

  • Word templates can be edited using any software that is capable of processing Word’s .docx file format (e.g. Word, Pages, LibreOffice), while the PDF templates can only be edited using a graphics package (e.g. Photoshop, InDesign).
  • If prompted, select “save” (rather than open), before using your software to open your saved template (File > Open).
  • You may need to click on the “Enable Editing” button/banner before you can make any changes to your template.
  • If you can’t see the outline of the labels in a Word template, you need to turn on table gridlines (visit our Label Printing Guide to find out how).

Once you have designed your template, always do a test print onto blank paper before printing onto your labels; this will allow you to check the accuracy of your template and your printer’s alignment – and make any necessary adjustments required to get the best possible alignment – before you put your labels in your printer.

Looking for Avery labels & codes? 

We appreciate that some people will be using software or label designs that rely on the use of Avery codes; some of our label sizes are the same as those used by Avery, which means that you can use our label products (along with our template and advice pages) AND continue to use your existing software and/or templates. If one of our label sizes is the same as an Avery label size, the relevant Avery code(s) will be listed alongside our Label Planet cod

These Word Templates & PDF Templates have been tested for accuracy as of Autumn/Winter 2016. Every single template we provide has been set up by our Template Team & thoroughly reviewed before being added to our website to ensure that they are 100% compatible with our label products, easy to use for beginners and experts, and as trouble-free as it is possible for a label template to be! Should you experience any problems with our templates, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

Our labels are very close in size/layout to the Avery code provided (to within +/- 1mm of the Avery measurements)

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