Duracell Plus Power 9V 6Lr61 Mn1604 Pp3 Alkaline Batteries Smoke Alarm

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9V Plus Power alkaline batteries by Duracell

 These 9V batteries are ideal for reliably powering everyday devices. Duracell Plus Power batteries give you the freedom to use your appliances by giving you a product that you can rely on for long-lasting power - such as smoke alarms, portable games consoles, shavers, remote controls, CD players, motorized toys, torches, toothbrushes, etc. Item comes in bulk pack. Duracell's Duralock Power preserves technology for up to 10 years in storage.9V Plus Power alkaline batteries by Duracell


  • Designed for long-lasting performance
  • Duracell Plus Power now has a longer life compared to previous Duracell Plus batteriesHigh energy output, reliability and long shelf life
  • Ideal for everyday use, particularly low drain devices
  • Economical, general purpose 9 V alkaline battery
  • Attractive Design, Easy to Use
  • Big name affordable and small prices, Value for money
  • Perfect for use in smoke alarms
  • Ingredients :
  • Alkaline Manganese Dioxide Chemistry
  • Battery size: 9V
  • Battery chemistry: Alkaline
  • What's included
  • Duracell PLUS POWER 9V (6LR61 / MN1604 / PP3) Alkaline Batteries


  • New A brand-new, unused, unopened and undamaged item
  • Brand: Duracell
  • Quantity: 4 
  • MPN: MN1604B4PP
  • Product Type: Battery 
  • Type: 9 V Block
  • Sub-Type: MN1604 
  • Chemical Composition: Alkaline
  • Usage 1: Flashlights, Calculators, Clocks, Radios, Portable Electronics 
  • Voltage: 1.5 V
  • Usage 2: CD, PDAs, Remote Controlled Toys, Portable Devices 
  • Usage 3: Motorized toys, toothbrushes, smoke alarms, Toys


  • 522, 1604, 4022, 1604A, 1604AC, 1604AU, 1604LC, 6AM6, 6AM-6, 6F22, 6LR61, 9V, 9VOLT, A1604, BLOC, CLR6, E-BLOC, E-BLOCK, K94, K9V, KA9, LR22, MN1604, ND65V, PC1604, PP3, R22, RB100890, X22


  • Toys, Flashlights, Calculators, Clocks, Radios, Portable Electronics, Wireless Mice and Keyboards, smoke alarms, remote controls, CD, PDAs, Remote Controlled Toys, Portable Devices, motorized toys, toothbrushes 

Duracell PLUS POWER 9V 6LR61 MN1604 PP3 Alkaline Batteries Smoke Alarm