Heavy Duty Braided USB Type C 3.0 Data Sync Charger Charging Cable

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USB-C 3.0 Data Sync Charger Charging Cable Heavy Duty Braided

USB Type-C is the future. It’s a new type of USB, recently featured by Apple in their new MacBook, and should replace USB 3.0 on computers and mobiles alike thanks to its ease-of-use and universal application. Before we take a look at the new standard itself, let’s take a quick look into the dark ages before USB came onto the scene, and just how different things were.
In the future, that might not be the case, thanks to a new standard called USB C. Added in the USB 3.1 standard, Type-C ports can be used for everything older USB ports were, but provide enough bandwidth to drive 4K high definition displays and enough power to charge laptops. In theory, you can connect any kind of device over USB Type-C, finally letting USB to truly live up to that ‘Universal’ part of its name.
As well as being universal, USB-C is also easy to use. It’s fully reversible, so you don’t have to try three times to get it in properly. It’s also reinforced, ensuring that it can take the strain of supporting a phone or tablet in a dock without suffering damage.
It's reversible, like Apple's cable. No more fumbling to plug it in the right way.
It can transfer data at up to 10 Gbps
It can carry lots of power. Depending on the wall-wart you plug your Type-C cable into; it can deliver up to 100w of power. That's enough to charge full-size laptops, not just ones with underpowered processors.
Like all USBs, Type-C is an open standard. It won't be exclusive to any one company or line of gadgets.
Type-C is backwards-compatible. You can use the old ports that are already all around you.
It's tiny. Small enough to make laptops thinner and work its way into phones and tablets.
And most important- it’s FUTURE unite cable for all sort of devices from Smartphone to portable SDD drives!!!!!!
  • High-quality four-core copper wires enhance charging & data transfer speed of the cables.
  • Our technology ensures a faster charging time while keeping your device completely safe. 
  • Easy to carry, It suits every occasion, home, office, car and so on.
  • Fully support transfer, Data syncing and Charging.
  • Premium Quality design fits all aftermarket cases & accessories.
  • Strong Nylon Braided 


Compact heat-resistant connector fits into most case cutouts, big or small (Note: Does NOT fit the Lifepro Case). Charges the Phone and syncs with your computer through an available USB port. Brand new redesign to meet CE & RoHS Approval; Light-weight and easily coiled. Compatible with all Smartphones with Type C EXCEPT Lumia 950XL/950. Can be used with New MacBook Pro


Sync and charge at the same time at the fastest speed on your Windows PC or Mac. The cables core 24AWG and the multi-strand copper core ensure superior data transfer with fast and stable charging. made from high-grade tinned copper.


Several times longer than the original device cables. Durable cable jacket protects wire cores and resists kinks and tangles. Superior Quality Apple Charger - Designed to fit into virtually all cases. Enjoy fast data transfer, syncing, and charging.


Variation Listing, Please select Correct Color and Size. An assorted Color option we will provide random colours. Warranty: Every item you ordered from iSOUL comes with 18 Months Warranty & Lifetime support. 

Compatible : Type-C enabled Mobile phones & Laptop, Macbook

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