Latest Watch Battery Cross Reference Guide | Battery Chart Table 2022

Latest All Watch Battery Cross Reference Guide  | Compatible Table - Battery Chart Guide UK 2022.

The watch battery cross reference chart is easy to use. Find the brand of your battery, then follow it down your battery model. The equivalent battery will be at the beginning of that row. Click on the blue link to go to your battery options and purchase your replacement.

Button/coin cell batteries are a group of non-rechargeable batteries. Wristwatches are commonly powered using one or rarely two-button/coin cell batteries, and these batteries have limited operating lifetime.

The list below will allow you to cross-reference your battery number to find the Renata number you will need to use on the shopping cart. Once you know the battery reference number like lr41, lr736, lr626, & lr66 etc.  enter it in the search along the top of our website to quickly take you to the Silver Oxide & lithium battery details.

Battery Cross Reference Guide
No.Capacity(mm)EVEREADYPANASONIC     60086-3
 (mAh)  SONY     (60086-2)
Silver oxide
30113011.6 x 4.2301SR43SWV301301D 301/386280-01SB-A8SR1142 (SR43)
30317511.6 x 5.4303SR44SWV303303D 303/357280-08SB-A9SR1154 (SR44)
309807.9 x 5.4309SR754SWV309309D 309/393  SR754 (SR48)
315237.9 x 1.6315SR716SWV315315 280-56SB-ATSR716 (SR67)
31710.55.8 x 1.6317SR516SWV317317 280-58SB-ARSR516 (SR62)
319215.8 x 2.7319SR527SWV319319D 319280-60SB-AE/DESR527 (SR64)
32114.56.8 x 1.6321SR616SWV321321 280-73SB-AF/DFSR616 (SR65)
329377.9 x 3.1329SR731SWV329329   SR731
33565.8 x 1.2335SR512SWV335335 280-68SB-ABSR512
33784.8 x 1.6337SR416SW 337   SR416
339116.8 x 1.4339SR614SWV339    SR614
341157.9 x 1.4341SR714SWV341341   SR714
34410511.6 x 3.6344SR1136SWV344344   SR1136 (SR42)
3469.57.9 x 1.2346SR712SWV346346 280-66SB-DHSR712
35010511.6 x 3.6350 V350    SR1136 (SR42)
35716011.6 x 5.4357SR44WV357357D 303/357280-62SB-B9SR1154 (SR44)
361247.9 x 2.1361SR721WV361361D 361/362280-53SB-BK/EKSR721 (SR58)
362237.9 x 2.1362SR721SWV362362D 361/362280-29SB-AK/DKSR721 (SR58)
364196.8 x 2.1364SR621SWV364364D 364280-34SB-AG/DGSR621 (SR60)
3664711.6 x 1.6366SR1116SWV366366 280-46 SR1116
370409.5 x 2.1370SR920WV370370D 370/371280-51SB-BNSR921 (SR69)
371359.5 x 2.0371SR920SWV371371D 370/371280-31SB-ANSR921 (SR69)
373299.5 x 1.6373SR916SWV373373 280-45SB-AJ/DJSR916 (SR68)
376276.8 x 2.6376SR626W 376D 376MA SR626 (SR66)
377246.8 x 2.6377SR626SWV377377D 377280-39SB-AWSR626 (SR66)
379165.8 x 2.1379SR521SWV379379D 379280-59SB-AC/DCSR521 (SR63)
380829.5 x 3.6 SR936W     SR936
3815011.6 x 2.1381SR1120SWV381381D 381/391280-27SB-AS/DSSR1121 (SR55)
384457.9 x 3.6384SR41SWV384384D 384/392280-18SB-A1/D1SR736 (SR41)
38613011.6 x 4.2386SR43WV386386D 301/386280-41SB-B8SR1142 (SR43)
3898011.6 x 3.1389SR1130WV389389D 389/390280-15SB-BUSR1130 (SR54)
3906011.6 x 3.1390SR1130SWV390390D 389/390280-24SB-AUSR1130 (SR54)
3915011.6 x 2.1391SR1120WV391391D 381/391280-30SB-BS/ESSR1121 (SR55)
392457.9 x 3.6392SR41WV392392D 384/392280-13SB-B1SR736 (SR41)
393807.9 x 5.4393SR754WV393393D 309/393 SB-B3SR754 (SR48)
394809.5 x 3.6394SR936SWV394394D 394280-17SB-A4SR936
395559.5 x 2.7395SR927SWV395395D 395/399280-48SB-AP/DPSR927 (SR57)
396327.9 x 2.6396SR726WV396396D 396/397280-52SB-BLSR726 (SR59)
397327.9 x 2.6397SR726SWV397397D 396/397280-28SB-ALSR726 (SR59)
399539.5 x 2.7399SR927WV399399D 395/399280-44SB-BP/EPSR927 (SR57)
LR4411011.6 x 5.4A76LR44V13GARW82LR44280-904SB-F9LR1154 (LR44)
CR10253010.0 x 2.5CR1025CR1025     CR1025
CR12163012.5 x 1.6CR/BR1216CR/BR1216CR1216BR1216   CR1216
CR12204012.5 x 2.0CR1220CR/BR1220CR1220CR1220DL1220 SB-T13CR1220
CR12254812.5 x 2.5CR/BR1225BR1225 BR1225   BR1225
CR16165016.0 x 1.6CR/BR1616CR/BR1616CR1616BR1616DL1616280-209 CR1616
CR16206816.0 x 2.0CR1620CR1620CR1620CR1620DL1620280-208 CR1620
CR163213716.0 x 3.2 CR1632      
CR20169020.0 x 1.6CR/BR2016CR/BR2016CR2016CR/BR2016DL2016280-202/4/6SB-T11CR/BR2016
CR202516520.0 x 2.5CR2025CR2025CR2025CR2025DL2025280-205SB-T14CR2025
CR203222520.0 x 3.2CR/BR2032CR/BR2032CR2032CR2032DL2032 SB-T15CR2032
CR232015023.0 x 2.0BR2320CR/BR2320CR2320BR2320 280-201 CR/BR2320
CR232519023.0 x 2.5BR2325BR2325 BR2325  SB-T12BR2325
CR243028524.5 x 3.0CR2430CR2430CR2430CR2430DL2430  CR2430
CR2450N  CR2450CR2450CR2450 DL2450  CR2450
ZA 10  10ADA 10AC230E/EZAC230 PR230HZA10PR70
ZA 312  312ADA 312AC312E/EZAC312 PR312HZA312PR41
ZA 13  13ADA 13AC13E/EZAC13 PR13HZA13PR48
ZA 675  675ADA 675AC675E/EZAC675 PR675HZA675PR44

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